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Made in Italy Engineering and Quality

Manufacturing printed circuits boards is our business, and our factory uses the most advanced machinery and plant for this purpose. The TECHBOARD brand, well-known since 1979, means production of professional PCBs from double-sided to multilayer - up to 16 layers - both for samples and series production.

Our on-going investment in R&D guarantees cutting edge products for our clients.


Safety and Environment

The attention paid to environmental and work safety considerations allows to operate in full compliance with the regulations. Maximum efficiency is achieved thanks to state-of-the-art equipment for the control, purification and processing of the materials used for production.

Our over 30 years of experience in PCBs has allowed us to develop close relations with major Italian and European companies. Thanks to our technology, accuracy, friendly service, quality and skills, we are their perfect PCB partner.

Download the TECHBOARD PCB/PCBA brochure

Company Name:

Techboard Group S.r.l.

Head Office:

Modena - Via della Scienza, 50


4,000 m2 of production area and over 1,000 m2 of offices


60 employees as follows:
34 specialised operators
16 technical staff
10 administrative and sales

Production Capacity:

300 m2/day of which 40% is multilayer

Main Quality Control Systems:

Electrical (low/high voltage) testing
1 Circuit Line PCA for 1SMD test
1 Circuit Line precise 2S for 2SMD test
1 Mania Micro for 2 smd test D.N.
2 Seica BBT S24 VIP
n. 1 Fisher Scope
n. 1 Discovery for AOI
Pluritec Vista: x-ray machines for innerlayer checking

Computer Systems:

Management and supervision software for production scheduling, progressing and monitoring.

Technical Office:

6 CAM stations, Sun station, Database online 24 hours a day - Photoplotter 8000 dpi, Barco station and Genesis.


UL FILE N. E 121233 certification
ISO 9001: 2008 certification
National Register of the “100% Made in Italy” Manufacturers

Download the TECHBOARD PCB/PCBA brochure