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The DigiEye COMPACT are eco-friendly multifunctional video security management systems based on FANLESS technology.

Ensuring the reliability, stability and advanced functionalities that have always characterized the DigiEye products, the COMPACT analog, analog/IP hybrid and IP video recorders are complete solutions for the remote management of video, audio, alarms and communication.

FANLESS chassis means silent operation, energy efficiency, reduction of maintenance and, therefore, higher performance as well as longer product life.

Designed to meet a wide range of security applications, from simple to very complex security applications, the DigiEye COMPACT systems can be customized for special projects.

Offering excellent performance/consumption ratio through its minimal power consumption, and virtually maintenance-free thanks to the remote monitoring, centralization and/or integration possibilities, the DigiEye COMPACT offers 3 YEARS warranty that can be extended up to 5 years.

  • Small form factor chassis and elegant front-panel with status indicators and frontal USB port
  • Fanless system for improved reliability and extended lifetime, thanks to the innovative heat-pipe thermal design - which also makes the system super-silent when functioning
  • Performance up to 400 IPS/4CIF for analog video and up to 4 Megapixel resolution with overall bitrate 100 Mbit/s for IP video
  • Dual monitor video outputs for hi-definition display (Full-HD)
  • Composite video output can display analog and IP multi-split video (option)
  • Internal storage up to 1 hard-disk 2.5”
  • Low power consumption for reduced operating costs and less enviromental impact (eco-friendly)
  • Power input from 9V to 30V, suitable for use with backup battery/UPS and for automotive applications (internal SSD storage on request)
  • Analog and/or IP video inputs
  • Support any IP camera (RTSP/H.264)
  • Pentaplex operation
  • Dual FULL-HD (1080p) video outputs
  • Dual Gigabit network interfaces
  • Exclusive Delta® video compression technology for highest video quality and reduced storage consumption
  • Streamflex® video transmission technology on networks with limited bandwidth and low latency
  • Full remote management
  • Centralized user management
  • Mobile App for iPhone / iPad / Android
  • Advanced motion detection / Video Tamper / Video analytics on both analog and IP video inputs (Video Processing Multi-brand)
  • Full compliance with EU Privacy regulations (95/46/CE)
  • Authenticate origin and integrity of recorded images (Watermark)
  • Equipped with professional hard-disk designed for 24/7 videosurveillance
  • IEEE 802.1x network port authentication for maximum security
  • Bi-directional audio channel
  • Comprehensive weekly scheduler with alarm-triggered exceptions
  • Programmable alarm logic (combine events/actions)
  • USB3.0 for fast backup of video to external devices
  • Linux embedded 64-bit software stored on interal flash memory
  • Recording managed using proprietary filesystem which guarantees maximum security, high performance and storage expandibility up to 256 Terabytes
  • Professional CCTV control keyboard (option)
  • Digital signage and VCA functions (options)