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SYACTB launches DigiEye 3H, the hybrid multifunctional digital video surveillance system

The DigiEye HYBRID series with the integration of the IP video management represents the natural evolution of the DigiEye family.

These advanced multifunctional digital security systems summarize over 15 years of experience in the video security field inherited by prior DigiEye generations and con-tinuous improvements based on the market’s feedback.

DigiEye Hybrid solutions allow to combine the benefits of integrating IP video technology with cost saving while migrating from current analogue to IP based systems.

For customers looking to take advantage of IP video, maintaining the reliability and scalability of the 3G line, the DigiEye Hybrid is an out-of-the-box recording solution that is easy to use and manage, for the remote management of video, audio, alarms and communications, perfect for both simple applications to more complex infrastructure.

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