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SYAC▪TB has released the DigiEye 6.2 software version and the DigiEye 3.1 mobile app.

DigiEye Software Release 6.2 includes the following new features:


The following functions have been added:

  • Onvif Network Discovery: all Onvif-compliant IP cameras on the network will be automatically detected and listed by DigiEye.
  • Onvif Auto-configuration: DigiEye is able to read all configuration settings from the Onvif IP camera, including the RTSP video streaming settings.
  • Onvif Video stream Settings: DigiEye can change video stream settings (resolution, bitrate...) of all Onvif IP cameras.
  • Onvif PTZ Management: DigiEye is able to control the PTZ functions of Onvif compliant Speed-dome cameras.
  • Onvif Alarm events: DigiEye can receive and process alarm events generated from Onvif IP cameras (motion detection and digital input).
  • Onvif Profile S compliant: compatible with IP cameras compliant with Onvif Profile S/Onvif version 2.4.
DigiEye Onvif IP Camera Support
DigiEye Onvif IP Camera Video Parameters Setup


The following DigiEye VCA for Security Intelligence functions have been added:

  • Line crossing: detection of objects or people which cross a virtual gate, defined by a linear sensor on the image.
  • Sterile zone: detection of unwanted intrusions in one or more closed areas (sterile zones).
  • Loitering: detection a person who is moving within the scene beyond a configurable time limit. In certain environments such a behaviour may indicate a suspect activity.
  • Lost/abandoned object: detection of both abandoned or removed objects from a scene.
DigiEye VCA for Security Intelligence: Line crossing
DigiEye VCA for Security Intelligence: Loitering
DigiEye VCA for Security Intelligence: Lost/abandoned object

We remind that the DigiEye Security Video Analytics can be used with both analog and IP camera inputs and requires an additional optional software license.

On the other hand, the Onvif and Security Video Analytics functions are enabled only on DigiEye systems equipped with a valid software maintenance license. Currently only Local Configuration of Video Analytics is supported. Alarm Processing and Remote Configuration will be available soon.

DigiEye Mobile App 3.1 includes the following new features:


The Mobile DigiEye version 3.1 supports the VCA Business Intelligence HEATMAP and PEOPLE COUNTING features for both analog and IP cameras. Each VCA functionality is implemented using a different module that brings together several features divided according to their main purpose or application area.

The DigiEye VCA Business Intelligence HEATMAP and PEOPLE COUNTING package is designed for applications in the field of Retail where the statistics of the number of people and of transitions (People Counting Module), and the people presence in certain areas (Heatmap module), are of interest for both Security and Marketing purposes.

Mobile DigiEye VCA for Business Intelligence: People Counting
Mobile DigiEye VCA for Business Intelligence: Heatmap


Click here to overview the DigiEye Mobile App 3.1 Integrated Online Manual.

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