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Vertical Security Solutions

We are aware that no innovation is productive unless it is reliable, easy-to-use and provides seamless compatibility with current assets. This is the reason why our constant efforts are to anticipate our customers’ needs, to improve quality and to reduce prices.

We work to offer the best products and applying the best technologies. This is what makes our solutions stand out in the market and successful on a long-term basis. Our proprietary know-how is strategic to allow best use of existing capacities and promote integration across security systems.

We are driven by Innovation and thinking out-of-the-box to find new solutions nobody has thought of before. We also are driven by Continuity: the full control of both the hardware and software of our DigiEye DVRs, HVRs and NVRs allows us to offer intergeneration compatibility and maximum upgrading with full preservation of the previous investments.

We have gathered in a new brochure some intelligent security solutions that have been successfully deployed in many vertical applications. These solutions have been designed, developed and manufactured in Italy in compliance with our global end users’ needs and the regulatory norms. They are able to integrate the existing architectures and interface with security fields beyond video such as access control, fire and alarm. They are supported by our technical-commercial organization directly present in four continents.

Download the brochure.

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Customer Service
t: +39-059-289899

Ezio Fornelli
Area Manager
Mobile: +39 335 1375533


TECHBOARD is pleased to announce that Mr Ezio Fornelli is now part of the SYACTB team.

With over 30 years of experience in the Electronic Security industry, Ezio has extensive knowledge in the fields of video surveillance, access control, anti-intrusion, fire detection and video analysis.

Ezio’s background in the integration and implementation of systems in several vertical markets has allowed him to assume important roles in leading companies in the Security industry and to become a point of reference for many Italian and international operators.

Mr Ezio Fornelli’s mission within SYACTB will be to provide our partners with innovative and integrated security solutions, supporting in particular project developers, installers and system integrators.

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