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DigiEye 2015 new features

IP Dual Streaming Communication, New FULL-HD user interface and new VCA solutions

For 20 years DigiEye has been differentiating itself through innovation and continuity, priorities that have guided the new features to be released in 2015: Dual-Stream, new Full-HD User Interface and People Counting and Heatmap VCA applications.

Management of dual IP video encoding

DigiEye Dual-Stream

The HVR and NVR systems DigiEye are upgradeable with this feature that allows the simultaneous management of two video streams with resolution/bitrate differentiated for each configured IP camera. This dual management of IP camera video connections allows to optimize the effective use of resources: the system can indeed use the Primary stream in high resolution to record while the video analysis, display and video transmission functionalities are operating on the Secondary lower resolution stream.

New user interface in high definition

DIGIEYE FULL-HD USER INTERFACEDIGIEYE FULL-HD USER INTERFACE New user interface in high definition All systems HVR and NVR DigiEye will be upgradeable with the new Full-HD user interface. More intuitive and in line with the current trends of ergonomic design, the new user interface offers a completely renovated user experience and highly improved video quality thanks to the support for Full-HD resolution (1080p) and aspect-ratio 16: 9, which enables an optimal visualization on professional monitors that operate at such a resolution level.

Moreover, thanks to the double Full-HD resolution monitor output, DigiEye now allows to view two full HD IP cameras (2 megapixel) in native resolution, with the highest level of quality and details. On the other hand, the Digital Signage is also optimized since the user can view programmable video on the secondary Full-HD resolution output.

The Full-HD user interface, however, does not hinder the advantages of continuity that have always characterized the upcoming DigiEye generations and versions. As a matter of fact, the new interface configuration has remained essentially unchanged and, therefore, no training for installers is required.

New advanced features of Video Content Analysis – People Counting and Heatmap – for intelligent analysis of video streams in real time

DIGIEYE FULL-HD USER INTERFACE DigiEye is enriched with People Counting and Heatmap. The DigiEye VCA People Counting solution allows to count the number of people passing through one or more virtual sensors, in one direction or another. This application is ideal for installations with counting of people – transiting through gates and staying within limited areas – and the detection of abnormal behaviors – transiting through prohibited directions and restricted areas. The DigiEye VCA Heatmap solution, primarily designed for Retail video surveillance applications, enables to produce maps of statistics on occupied areas which have been configured in the zone of interest.

In the tradition of intelligent and effective solutions, the configuration parameters of the new advanced VCA features have been kept to minimum, are easy to understand, and do not require any additional hardware device. On the other hand, DigiEye will perform intelligent video analysis of both analog and IP/megapixel video channels.

In addition to the new DigiEye features, SYACTB has released a new version of the DigiEye App for Android Tablet/Smartphone, which will take advantage of the video hardware acceleration offered by the latest devices on the market.

Moreover, the range of SYACTB cameras has been enriched with IP Series N2 Box/Bullet/Dome (with 2/4/6/8 Megapixel CMOS sensor, WDR> 100dB, Low lux, Edge video analysis, Motorized varifocal lens—Bullet—and Corridor mode 9:16), IP Fisheye cameras (with 6 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 360 ° View, WDR> 100dB, On-board video processing—not requiring any special software for viewing/recording—and Integrated IR LED 10m) and IP Entry-level cameras (with 2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, Varifocal lens 2.8– 12mm and IR illuminator 30m).

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