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Get compliant with the European norms!

SYAC▪TB & Privacy

The European Union has recently launched and introduced two important measures concerning personal data protection. The new Regulation on personal data protection (that will substitute the directive n. 95/46/CE and also the Privacy Consolidated, Legislative Decree 196/03) will be adopted in the next few months and then will enter into force in all EU States. This will force companies to adopt a real organizational model for data protection with the introduction of the principle of accountability and transparency.

Italy was taken as Reference Model, meaning that the regulations already existing in Italy were taken as reference and the existing prescriptions will remain valid with only a few changes. In case of controls, the penalties for most serious violations will be up to 5% of the company’s annual turnover with a maximum fixed in 100 million Euro; in case of multiple infringements, sanctions for each violation will sum up.

TECHBOARD is the first Italian company to have obtained the certification of compliance to the Privacy regulation for its Made in Italy DigiEye product range. The entire DigiEye systems and centralization solutions have been provided with a Privacy compliance certificate issued by an independent organization!

Are you compliant with the European Privacy requirements? To know more about this hot issue, read our presentation or contact us!

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