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The CLOTHING CHAIN had already 24 stores in Italy and France, and had forecasted to open 27 new locations within December 2015. The 24 existing stores had been protected since 2009 by analog cameras and level-entry stand-alone 4 inputs DVRs. The CLOTHING CHAIN wanted a new Video Security Partner able to provide both video security experience and new perspectives through innovative solutions.

The CLOTHING CHAIN Sourcing Department performed a research and contacted SYACTB who proposed a RETAIL VERTICAL SOLUTION based upon its DIGIEYE COMPACT and particularly suitable for installations needing for Privacy compliance, centralization, integration and intelligent features - such as Video Content Analysis and Digital Signage - that go beyond the pure Video Security applications.

The CLOTHING CHAIN chose SYACTB mainly because its DIGIEYE COMPACT HYBRID and IP multifunctional video management systems allow to optimize new video security investments but, at the same time, preserve some of the past investments by maintaining some of the existing materials.


All the existing and new locations were/will be equipped with a DIGIEYE COMPACT 8 inputs integrating DIGITAL SIGNAGE, VIDEO CONTENT ANALYSIS and CENTRALIZATION, and with IP MEGAPIXEL DIGIEYE DOME CAMERAS that are ONVIF “Profile S” compliant and fully configurable from the DIGIEYE systems. The difference between the existing and new stores is that the existing ones were equipped with the DIGIEYE COMPACT HYBRID DVRs able to support the already installed analog cameras as well as new IP megapixel cameras, whilst the 27 new locations were/will be equipped with the DIGIEYE COMPACT IP NVRs.

The value added by SYACTB can be briefly described as follows:

MADE IN ITALY ECO-FRIENDLINESS: the DIGIEYE COMPACT – designed, developed and manufactured in Italy - ensures, in a small case, the performances of an advanced digital security management system. The fanless chassis allows silent operation, energy efficiency and maintenance reduction, which means long product life, cost reduction as well as environment friendliness. The HYBRID solution has allowed the CLOTHING CHAIN to realize the benefits of integrating IP based video technology and costs saving while migrating from current analog to IP based systems.

DVR/NVR AND DIGITAL SIGNAGE FUNCTION IN ONE BOX: the integrated DIGITAL SIGNAGE allows to show informational and promotional messages - video and audio contents which can be uploaded and programmed from remote centers - on the monitors of the video surveillance systems. Besides offering a higher quality/price ratio compared to the traditional advertising media, this communication tool also allows the CLOTHING CHAIN to manage the contents in a dynamic and pro-active manner, and to send specific messages to targeted customers.

CERTIFICATED DIGIEYE COMPLIANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE PRIVACY LAW: the DIGIEYE certificate of conformity with the requirements of the Privacy legislation in force ensures compliance with the norms and specific measures in the field of video surveillance. The CLOTHING CHAIN particularly appreciated the fact that this certification is based upon the European Directive 95/46/CE regarding data processing, and that such compliance applies not only to the DIGIEYE DVRs and NVRs, but also to the centralization and supervision DIGIEYE CONTROL CENTER PREMIUM system.

TOTAL REMOTE MANAGEMENT: the DIGIEYE CONTROL CENTER PREMIUM SOLUTION allows complete supervision and total remote management, over IP Networks, of any DIGIEYE security system. The main functions the CLOTHING CHAIN was interested in were: remote configuration, multiple live video connections with cameras of different DIGIEYE systems, playback of recorded video/audio, multi-level graphical maps and management of users with customizable privileges.

MULTI-BRAND INTEGRATED VIDEO CONTENT ANALYSIS REGARDLESS OF ONVIF COMPATIBILITY: the detection of alarm conditions on analog cameras such as the Multi-Zone Motion Detection, the Tamper Detection, the Flow of Direction and the Abandoned Object Detection have been perfected over the years on the DIGIEYE systems. The DIGIEYE VIDEO ANALYTICS can also be used with any IP camera connected to the DIGIEYE system, regardless of ONVIF compatibility and without requiring special software integration.

COUNTING VIDEO CONTENT ANALYSIS: the DIGIEYE advanced VCA solutions allow to detect a wide range of video alert conditions. The CLOTHING CHAIN was particularly interested in the PEOPLE COUNTING feature - that is to say the processing system able to memorize counting statistics that can be then easily accessed using web-based reporting tools – to conduct statistics for security but also marketing scopes.

SUPPORT: the success of this application was greatly due to the pre- and post-sales assistance provided by SYACTB and its local partners. Some of these partners have already suggested the CLOTHING CHAIN to take into consideration the SYACTB FOGGING SYSTEMS recently integrated via I/O into the DIGIEYE DVRs and NVRs.

Through integration, centralization, innovative features, Privacy compliance and experienced support, SYACTB has succeeded in exceeding the CLOTHING CHAIN’s demands for intelligent and reliable solutions that go beyond the pure Video Security applications and preserve the previous investments.

DOWNLOAD: Application Case

Other vertical solutions will be introduced at the upcoming IFSEC 2014, stand G325, taking place at the London ExCel from the 17th to the 19th of June 2014. IFSEC International

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