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SYACTB presents DigiEye 3I, a complete video recording system over-IP that grants top class performance with 8 or 16 IP video channels up to 3 megapixel.

SYACTB has launched DigiEye 3I, its new series of advanced multifunctional digital systems over IP that benefit of the know-how acquired over the years with the former DigiEye generations and from continuous improvements based on market’s feedback. The DigiEye 3I solution is a video recording system over-IP with 8 or 16 IP video channels up to 3 megapixel that grants top class performance and quality. Complete solution for the remote management of IP video, alarms and communications, the DigiEye 3I is perfect both for simple and more complex architectures.

The key features include:

  • Up to 16 video IP/Megapixel inputs.
  • Pentaplex operations simultaneous recording/playback/transmission/backup/PTZ control.
  • Local monitoring of video and alarms on up to 2 monitors.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Recording able to manage up to 256 terabyte.
  • H.264 video codec for IP cameras up to 3 Megapixel.
  • Remote management of video, alarms and teleconfiguration/updating over LAN and low-bandwidth networks, from multiple web browsers or CMS workstations.
  • App for iPhone/iPad/Android viewing application for mobile devices.
  • Innovative and unique StreamFlex Technology designed and developed by SYACTB in the TRIESTE AREA SCIENCE PARK: DigiEye can stream live video using original camera resolution; however, when the user needs to transmit megapixel video over low-bandwidth networks the DigiEye unique StreamFlex transcode feature allows to select different video resolution/quality/framerate for each video connection, resulting in smooth flawless video playback under any condition, without affecting recorded video quality.

In accordance with the ambitious roadmap endorsed following its acquisition by TECHBOARD, SYACTB grants INNOVATION and CONTINUITY by designing, developing and manufacturing in Italy advanced products that combine new technologies with the previous DigiEye system generations. On the other hand, SYACTB as TECHBOARD Security Division is exploiting synergies to supply with high-quality, yet cost-competitive and on-time delivered products and integrated solutions.

For further information, please read Datasheets DigiEye 3I or contact:

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Tel.: +39 059 289899

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