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The DIGIEYE 3G/3H integration with ATM devices allows to detect suspicious, fraudulent and abnormal activities without additional hardware boards.

DigiEye 3G/3H video recorders are able to interface with the ATM terminals via TCP/IP network to detect suspicious activity nearby an ATM terminal connected to a DigiEye, as well as anomalies and/or malfunctioning of the ATM terminal and transmit them to the Control Centre for their management.

The events reported through the communication protocol are the insertion/return of the bankcard, the opening/closing of the cash dispenser and the tampering of the bank notes dispenser. These events can then be used to trigger different kinds of actions or to be part of more complex “Custom triggers” to implement sophisticated alarm conditions based on heuristic criteria and trigger actions such as recording, activation of digital outputs, calls to the Control Centre, etc.

Furthermore, the DIGIEYE 3G/3H and ATM TERMINAL INTEGRATION provides the KEEPALIVE event which is a heartbeat message that the ATM send in absence of other activities on the terminal. Thanks to the KEEPALIVE, the DigiEye videosurveillance system can be configured to receive ATM fault alarms that can be then used in the trigger event to start further actions.

The solution developed by SYACTB does not require any hardware interface and, therefore, no physical intervention on the installations where the DigiEye systems are already present. As a matter of fact, unlike other products in the market that offer this kind of integration through an additional hardware board, the DIGIEYE 3G/3H ATM INTEGRATION does not need any additional or recurrent (agency by agency) installation costs allowing significant cost and time savings.

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